Writing: the mouse

If he were bigger, he would go out.
Most oft he time he wanted to be a horse. Tall and majestic, quick to move but also quite a sight to look at. With the wind blowing the tail and mane, and the grass that flow with it settling on the horse’s body, and leaving tiny little dots of white in a coat of black hair, making it speckled as if decorated with diamonds. Even without, the hair was shiny and sparkling in the sunlight. He never saw so much glitter except for the few trips to the lake when the water lay still and only the faintest breeze of air would stir the surface to such an extent that the light wave would send rays of light reflected in all directions, so beautiful that you’d have to close your eyes not to get blinded.
Yes, he would be a horse. With its feet so solid and strong that no storm could move it from its chosen place. Let the wind blow- the horse would not move an inch, all four hooves steadily fastened to the ground. And once the storm had passed, there’d be another one coming, right from inside its chest: the horse would jump and gallop and dance over the meadow, and the hooves, not long ago so heavy as stone, would fly high in the air, only to return to the ground like a blow of thunder, beating like a drum on the reverberating soil, that would swing with the force so much that the small leaves of grass were left shaking their heads like a mouse’s tail in winter.
Oh, in winter! Let winter come and snow, the horse endures it all, and remains strong and unperturbed. How thick a horse’s coat can become. So furry, you just want to snuggle your nose into it, and blow, and have the warm flow streaming out of your mouth heating the fur, the air, and then your face. And then the smell of it: of hay and sand which covers the horses skin to protect it from insects and other small animals, and that you can hear rippling down if you just get close enough. It’s a light sound, only barely perceivable, but it’s even more beautiful than the soft thup thup of the first summer rain.
You just have to be careful not to get too close to a horse. Its tail is strong: in the blink of an eye it can knock you down, with a whoosh and a hiss, and you’re gone. Maybe forever, if you are just a mouse, and your senses are good to spot danger, but your body too weak to really defend yourself against it.
So yes. If he were bigger, he would go out. But he was just a mouse, quick to perceive and then off again.