Killing the dragon

“It was high time that they had killed the dragon.” His voice seemed to sound lower than before. Could that be?
“But have you seen that blood? A black muddy mass, pooled in the streets, forcing itself a way through the smaller arcades, along people’s houses and right in their front yards. And the fires. I didn’t know that dragon blood would burn that easily, that fiercely, that…”
“… solemnly”, he interrupted her, and placed the two fingers of his right hand on the upper side of his left arm. She turned her gaze towards the cobble stones, avoiding the look at his gesture and at the same time having a hard time fighting to not be attracted to the lean fingers that so perfectly matched the veins on his arm. ‘If anybody, then he could’, she thought. ‘He has the right properties and that air around him.’ But that was only that beating thing inside her chest, ever<thing else was appalled, shocked, disgusted. Not for the first time she wondered how one could remain complete with that two forces inside your form, pulling in opposite directions.
“I’ll have to go”, he cut off her thoughts. ‘They’ll be waiting for me.”
When she watched his figure against the ruins of the playground, she had the sudden impression of a song being played, but then he turned left and the illusion was gone.
The silence that was heard was almost too much to bear. Maybe there were people for whom it was too much to bear, Liza thought. Maybe he was right after all. And if he was, she was as well. They would follow him. The realization flowed like a wave through her spine. She had to go.
Stepping forward, the wind indicated a direction to her that she didn’t like. She leaned herself against its breath, and started with her hair blown off from her face. “You’ll get the strands all tangled up, all knots and bedlam”, she heard her mum say, and firmly brushed off a leaf that had landed on her shoulders. The moon would soon rise, she could already hear the water dropping. It was high time someone went after them.
Her next step was more resolute. She didn’t know what she had expected, but she was surprised at how violently she winced when she heard the branch that had been lying on the way crack under her feet. It was strange how loud everything had become, after the white dragon’s lullaby had ceased.


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